5"x7.5" is a TCG featuring anime, manga, and video games by Cate. 5"x7.5" officially closed on February 15, 2015.


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All decks on 5"x7.5" are worth 1. But some card types are much rarer than others. Players are only allowed to trade cards of matching rarities. (ex. a base card can only be traded for another base, rare for rare, promo for promo, scene for swatch, etc.)

Base CardsEdit

The most common type, 20 cards per set. (Rarity of 1)

Rare CardsEdit

6x as rare, 10 cards per set. (Rarity of 2)

Swatch CardsEdit

9x as rare, 5 cards per set. (Rarity of 3) Every deck also has 1-3 swatch variant cards available. These cards have the same images as a swatch card, but have a different image in the swatch box. These variants are much rarer than their normal versions. For mastering the normal and variant are considered the same card, so only one is needed.

Scene CardsEdit

9x as rare, 5 cards per set. (Rarity of 3)

Promo CardsEdit

The rarest kind, 5 per set. (No defined rarity)

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5"x7.5" is unique in that it has two separate levels. There are Levels, referred to as Pages. Then there are Ranks, referred to as Volumes. You level up each separately. For example:

  • All members start out on the First Page of Volume 1.
  • A member with 650 cards and 3 mastered sets is on the Third Page of Volume 2.


Pages are based on a player's card count.

  • First Page: 0000 - 0249 Cards
  • Second Page: 0250 - 0499 Cards
  • Third Page: 0500 - 0749 Cards
  • Fourth Page: 0750 - 0999 Cards
  • Fifth Page: 1000 - 1499 Cards
  • Sixth Page: 1500 - 1999 Cards
  • Seventh Page: 2000 - 2499 Cards
  • Eighth Page: 2500 - 2999 Cards
  • Ninth Page: 3000 - 3999 Cards
  • Last Page: 4000+ Cards


Volumes are based on how many decks a player has mastered.

  • Volume 1: 0 sets mastered
  • Volume 2: 1-4 sets mastered
  • Volume 3: 5-9 sets mastered
  • Volume 4: 10-14 sets mastered
  • Volume 5: 15-19 sets mastered
  • Volume 6: 20-24 sets mastered
  • Volume 7: 25-29 sets mastered
  • Volume 8: 30-34 sets mastered
  • Volume 9: 35-39 sets mastered
  • Boxset: 40 sets mastered

Mastering DecksEdit

Since decks are divided into different deck types, master badges consist of a checklist. As members master different parts they fill in their checklist. A list of each player's masteries appear in their member profile.


A prominent aspect of 5"x7.5" are the collectible stickers! There are several different types that are given out for all occasions. There is no reward for collecting stickers, trading them is strictly for collection purposes.

Member StickersEdit

Instead of member cards there are member stickers!

Event StickersEdit

Given out during holidays, landmark, and website events.

Donation StickersEdit

Given out each month for donating various graphics to the website.

Card Maker StickersEdit

Given out to players that participate in the Card Maker activity.

Contest StickersEdit

Given out each month for participating in the monthly Contests.

Sticker AccessoriesEdit

Sticker sheets that players may use to display their collection.


Packs & BoxesEdit

Players can earn packs and boxes from games and other activities around the site. Every pack contains cards, and every box contains packs. Upon earning either players have the option to either open them, or save them to be used in other activities such as the Otaku Army.


Cakes are earned by playing The Cake Stealer game and can be used toward the Otaku Army.

Otaku ArmyEdit

The Otaku Army is an optional achievement system. Tasks are themed around the decks on 5"x7.5". Players choose an active deck to work toward completing tasks within one of the two paths available. The more decks they complete the higher their rank. The Otaku Army is themed around the military and offers two paths: Enlisted and Commissioned. Each path has different requirements and offer different ranks, each ranking offering a monthly paycheck. All players start out as a No0b and may choose which path to follow.

Enlisted PathEdit


  • Master the Set
  • Collect all 6 Stickers
  • Collect 2 matching Cakes
  • Sacrafice 2 Packs
  • Complete 50 Trades
  • Enter a Card Maker or Themed Set Contest


The Enlisted Path has 8 ranks.

  • No0b
  • Private Newbie
  • Private 1st Class Newbie
  • Specialist Fanatic
  • Corporal Addict
  • Sergeant Enthusiast
  • Staff Sergeant Fiend
  • Master Sergeant Savant
  • Sergeant Major Otaku

Commissioned PathEdit

The Commissioned Path requires more tasks, and is thus harder. To make up for it, the monthly paychecks are greater and there are more ranks available.


  • Master the Set
  • Collect all 6 Stickers
  • Collect 2 matching Cakes
  • Sacrifice 2 Packs
  • Donate a Level Badge Set (themed to the active deck)
  • Donate a Master Badge (for the active deck)
  • Enter a Card Maker Contest
  • Place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in one of the Monthly Contests


The Commissioned Path has 10 ranks.

  • No0b
  • Ensign Newbie
  • Lieutenant Fan
  • Commander Fanatic
  • Captain Addict
  • Major Enthusiast
  • Lt.Col. Expert
  • Colonel Fiend
  • General Devotee
  • Lord Savant
  • Emperor Otaku

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