Amuse is an Asian entertainment TCG, focusing on Asian personalities.



Decks at Amuse have 15 cards each.


Members of Amuse first start off as trainees. After the second level, auditioner, members are able to choose one of four careers: musician, actor, model, or dancer. Each of these four careers have three specialized levels which have the same basic requirements, but the levels have different names based on the career the member chose. The tasks required for leveling up differ for each career.

  • Trainee: 1-49
  • Auditioner: 50-99
  • Instrumentalist, Extra, Mannequin, or DDR Player: 100-299, completed assigned task
  • Vocalist, Support Actor, Commercial Model, or Street Performer: 300-399, 2 mastered decks, completed assigned task
  • Soloist, Leading Role, Super Model, or Stage Performer: 400+, 5 mastered decks, completed assigned task

Mastering DecksEdit

When all of the cards in a deck were collected, the deck was mastered. You could not trade out mastered decks.


Currency at Amuse is dollars. There are three different types of dollars. Members can use these dollars to buy cards in the shop, pre-order cards, or purchase packages.

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