Babo Chorom is a Spanish Korean Pop Music TCG owned by Vaini and Syara. It was previously on NeedTakeHave and has not reopened since the domain was down.



Member CardsEdit


Leveling at Babo Chorom requires a card count and for later levels, certain tasks to be completed.

  • Auditioner: 0 cards
  • Trainee: 100 cards
  • Rookie: 200 cards, 1 mastery from your company
  • Nugu: 400 cards, 2 masteries from other companies, 2 CDs from your company
  • Star: 800 cards, 5 CDs total, 3 photoshoots
  • Hallyu Star: 1600 cards, 1 mini mastery, 5 masteries of one group, 2 CDs of one group
  • Legend: 3200 cards, 20 MV/PV masteries, 100 new trades
  • Ranking especial: 20 CDs in total, 10 new masteries, 2 mini masteries

Mastering DecksEdit


The currency used at Babo Chorom is bubble tea, which can be exchanged for cards or powerups.

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