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Poppyfield Poppyfield 9 September 2017

Zest in progress

Zest is in progress. I'm building it from the ground-up. I'm not big on Bootstrap, or any other frameworks for that matter, because I find them bulky and loaded with much more than I could ever need (or want)—so this ish is gonna take a while.

I made forums, but now I can't get back into them—and others were having difficulties, SO I GIVE UP ON THAT. I got a laptop.~ Whilst I've got various life shiz to worry about and focus on, I need something to do to relax me instead of playing Facebook games forever ('cause that stuff's endless).

Everything is going to take A WHILE, but I figured you guys would all appreciate some updates so you're not completely in the dark.

You can view the main page @, though I need to update i…

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Lilac Lux Lilac Lux 12 August 2017


Sorry guys I've been MIA from the TCG comm -- mostly just RL stuff. I'll try to update at least the Active TCG pages so that it's up-to-date with what we have right now. @.@ Since I see some TCGs there haven't updated since the beginning of 2017. Apparently September 2016 was the last time I checked through that... I'll try to get it done when I have free time!!

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Maitlandtcgs Maitlandtcgs 7 May 2015

Plans for Remix

Since I don't have the news hack installed at remix yet I figured I'd just dump this here. These are my plans for the remix revamp.

Status: Already coded just add logs

The code system is a way to give suprises out on the tcg. I will post a code on twitter, the website, or even here on the wiki and you enter it in on a page to unlock the prize. Each code has a certain number of uses and can only be used one time for each person.  When I post the codes I will not be listing what is given out so it is kind of like a happy little suprise, it could be cards or it might be cash.

I've deicded with the shop to add a feature where you can send card packs or choice cards to eachother. I figured this will be a neat way to celebrate holidays or events in …

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Poppyfield Poppyfield 21 March 2015

I feel really bad: Zest, Capture, etc,.

Between August of last year and January of this one, there have been two deaths in the family. Practically every month, I've been getting sick or having family things to do.

I'm going to eventually bring Zest back, with the story stuff, but it's kind of up for adoption. There are some people I'm going to offer it to first, and if they don't want it, I'll officially announce that it's up for adoption. I've started a food blog, and I'm trying to focus on that a lot more now.

Along with Zest's stories, I'm coding what I call "Portalish", which will allow other MyTCG users to create stories/quests/portals/challenges/etc. on their TCGs as well.

Capture is postponed (sorry) until further notice. The template is under construction, and the photos wi…

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Samichan Samichan 22 June 2014

TCG Card Templaes

I have a few tcg templates if anyone is interested in using them. I also really love to make them so if anyone needs help in that department, just let me know via here or email or tcg ! 


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Cindre Cindre 18 February 2014

Test Post

I basically just did this blog post to test out what blogging on here was all about. I can't actually edit the title or delete the post that I can see. :'D I may as well say a little bit to make it worth it.

I've been editing the Wiki with TCGs that I am familiar with. I'm finding it very fun! I've gotten back into the TCG world for the past 8 months or so; I had been on a long, long break from them for a while. I'd forgotten how fun and addictive they are.

I've been tweeting about playing so much on twitter and posting screenshots of things on my gaming blog, some of my friends have started asking me questions about them.

A friend of mine - Ephraim - asked to try them out. I spent about an hour setting up his subdomain and eTCG for him on my…

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Prettyprotagonist Prettyprotagonist 19 August 2013


Finally getting my butt into gear to work on this Wikia again. Added a few new TCGs, edited the front page, and now trying to figure out some of these other features like Blogs and Polls. @_@

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