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Bookworm! is a manga covers TCG. It was first opened in 2003 and went on hiatus the same year for a artbook cards recall before the domain went down. The site moved in 2004 under a new host name and with revamped cards, but was not open until July 16, 2005 under another URL.

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There are two deck types on Bookworm! Normal decks and special.

Normal DecksEdit

Normal cards are worth 1.

Special DecksEdit

Special cards are worth 2 and feature holidays.

Old Template (2003)Edit

Normal CardsEdit

Special CardsEdit


Leveling badges were called "bookmarks". Levels are based on card worth. Past 300 cards, you could also get 2 choice cards every additional 50 cards.

  • Freelance: 5-40
  • Playwright: 41-70
  • Screenwrite: ~ 71-100
  • Columnist: 101-150
  • Journalist: 151-200
  • Editor: 201-299
  • Mangaka: 300+


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