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Card Hoarder is a TCG features cards from various Games and TV Shows. Several previous TCGs have been merged into it, Midnight Tempest, Moon Eternal and Sentai

Card Hoarder, like its predecessors, uses its own card hosting system where members don't need to have a website of their own.


There are two forms of currencies that can be use. The most common is coins, which can be obtained and used in the games. The second type are coupons which can be used to swap for cards.

Available coupons:

  • 1 Choice Normal
  • 2 Choice Normal
  • 1 Choice Special
  • 2 Choice Special


Decks feature characters and scenes from the various TV Shows and Games

There are 4 categories of decks: character, scene, puzzle and special. All decks are worth 1, with the exception being special decks which are worth 2 and are harder to obtain.

Character Cards[]

Scene Cards[]

Puzzle Cards[]

Special Cards[]

Member cards[]

All members can have a member card if they choses, and the image and colours are of their choice

Mastering decks[]

When you have collected all the cards in a deck you can then master the deck. Once a deck has been mastered you can no longer use the cards in trades.

When a deck is mastered you gain the following rewards depending on what type of deck you've mastered

Normal Mastery (Character/Scene/Puzzle)

  • 1 Choice Normal card
  • 1 Random Special card

Special Mastery

  • 2 Choice Normal cards
  • 1 Choice Special card


Once you reach a certain number of cards you are able to level up. For each level up you obtain you rewarded. For each level, you can show off a level badge

  • 2 Choice normal cards
  • 1 Choice Special card
  • 2 Random Normal cards
  • 1 Random Special card


Forum Layouts[]