The member card archive.

I create these pages to give credit to players for their scripts/accomplishments but also as a general archive for member cards. If you would like to find your old member cards, some of them may be here. Just search for any of the usernames that you have used and maybe you'll turn out lucky. Otherwise you can also use this as a resource to pick a more unique username.

A common question is why the inclusion of birthdays. It is mostly used to differentiate players with the same name. List of TCGs owned/staffed is included for similar reasons (along with giving credit).

If you would like your page to be removed please contact administration via the forums. If you find errors on your page (a lot of people use the same usernames so it can be really hard to distinguish) or have used multiple usernames and thus have multiple pages that you want combined also post about it on the forums.

You are free to create and customize a page for yourself and add what you like, we do try and keep the styles on the pages uniform for the sake of neatness, new style sheets are in the works to make the wiki nicer in the future.

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