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Celluloid is a Japanese Music Video TCG. It first opened when the original owner, Cho, was having a conversation with Akuma. She was saying how she had so many music videos on her computer, but they more or less just sat on her computer. Akuma suggested she opened up a TCG with her videos. Not knowing about TCGs, Cho thought it would be a fun experiment.

The site opened and had some happy members. The decks were fairly unique since she didn't know what was the "norm" for cards. She eventually enlisted Jennifer to the staff to help make more "pop" decks. Looking for more special decks, Cho made decks featuring members from bands. The decks consisted of one cap from each music video the band made. Eventually the site closed down after being opened for probably a year.

Many years later, another person tried to open up the site but it hardly lasted longer than two weeks worth of updating.

Site InformationEdit

  • Category: Japanese Music Videos
  • Lifetime: 2004? - 2008?



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