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Charm or Charm TCG is an animanga character TCG made by Lady DinoBug. It focuses on older anime and opened on June 20, 2014.

As of September 2014, the site has not updated since July 11, 2014.



Regular Decks[]

Regular deck have 15 cards each and are worth 1.

Rare Cards[]

Rare cards are obtained randomly when a player mastered a deck. They are worth 3 cards and can only be traded with another rare card. There is one rare card per deck and they are not needed to master a regular deck.

Event Cards[]

Event Cards are worth 3 cards and cannot be traded.

Member Cards[]


  • Level One: 1-100
  • Level Two: 101-250
  • Level Three: 251-400
  • Level Four: 401-700
  • Level Five: 701-1000
  • Level Six: 1001-2000
  • Level Seven: 2001-3500
  • Level Eight: 3500-5000
  • Level Nine: 5000-8000
  • Level Ten: 8001+

Mastering Decks[]


Currency at Charm is popsicles. Charm also uses coupons.

Layout Gallery[]