Dearly Beloved is a TCG dedicated to Kingdom Hearts.

Site InformationEdit

  • Owner: Vae
  • Category: Kingdom Hearts
  • Lifetime: 2011
  • Grand Opening: July 1, 2011
  • Closed: September 26, 2011


Normal DecksEdit

Normal decks are worth 1 and feature characters and relationships.

Special DecksEdit

Special decks are worth 2 and feature various promotional art.

Member CardsEdit


Dearly Beloved has thirteen levels, inspired by the rank system from Organization XIII that is featured in the game series. Upon reaching Rank I, leveling is done every 500 cards.

  • Rank XIII: 1 - 75
  • Rank XII: 76 - 150
  • Rank XI: 151 - 250
  • Rank X: 251 - 350
  • Rank IX: 351 - 500
  • Rank VIII: 501 - 700
  • Rank VII: 701 - 900
  • Rank VI: 901 - 1200
  • Rank V: 1201 - 1499
  • Rank IV: 1500 - 1899
  • Rank III: 1999 - 2499
  • Rank II: 2500 - 2999
  • Rank I: 3000+

Mastering DecksEdit

Upon collecting all the cards in a deck, the player masters the deck and obtains a mark of mastery (badge). Mastered decks cannot be traded out.


Item synthesis is a system implemented in Dearly Beloved that allows the player to synthesize their own abilities, Keyblades, and choice cards using materials collected throughout the game. There is a total of 14 synthesis materials that can be obtained.Shards and Gems are common and obtainable through games, random events, and freebies. They can also be synthesized. 

Serenity Crystals are rarer and obtainable through contests, missions, special events, leveling up, and mastering decks. They can also be synthesized.  Mythril and Twilight materials can only be obtained through contests, missions, and the forum.  Orichalcums are the rarest of all, and can be obtained as contest and mission prizes or through special events. 


Synthesis allowed the player to synthesize abilities that gave them benefits in the game. Abilities were limited to 5 at one time and were split in three categories (growth, defense, and support).


Keyblades are a special feature at Dearly Beloved and they can also be leveled up. These were divided in three categories (basic, premium, and retired). Basic keyblades are given as prizes or through synthesis, while Premium keyblades are only obtainable special games, events, and missions - some required both this and synthesis. Retired keyblades are keyblades that are no longer obtainable.



Milestone badges are the Dearly Beloved equivalent of Event Cards, but do not count towards a member's card count or worth. Every three milestone badges, a member is allowed to redeem a choice card.

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