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March 2012

Destined Stars
is a Sailor Moon TCG.

Site InformationEdit


Cards featured scenes from animes, movies, manga/artbooks and live action adaptations. Puzzle decks were also featured on the site.

Old TemplateEdit

Member DecksEdit

Most members (with the exception of prejoiners) have to wait until they are Princess level in order to get a member deck. Member cards are unlimited.

Member BadgeEdit

Not to be confused with member decks, members can request a member badge when they reach Super level.


  • Civilians: These are pending members.
  • Senshi: After you are approved to join, you will be given this rank.
  • Super: 500 card worth, two trade cards turned in (50 trades).
  • Eternal: 1000 card worth, four trade cards turned in (100 trades).
  • Princess: 1500 card worth, six trade cards turned in (150 trades), two subject masteries.
  • Queen: 2000 card worth, eight trade cards turned in (200 trades), four subject masteries.
  • Cosmos: 2500 card worth, ten trade cards turned in (250 trades), six subject masteries.
  • Retired: These are members that have gone on hiatus or quit the game.

Mastering DecksEdit


Currency for Destined Stars was pixel sprites.

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