Dilly Dally is a Korean entertainment TCG created by Cassidy and Belle. It used to be a DreamWidth TCG until around March 2014. Since July 2015, MoLi has now joined the admin team after the site went on a four-month hiatus.

On October 28, 2016, Cassidy decided to close the site on November 30, 2016.


Past StaffEdit


All cards at Dilly Dally are worth 1. There are 6 different types of cards excluding member cards.

Member CardsEdit

Member Cards are called Member Singles at Dilly Dally. They are worth 0. Members have a chance to collect up to six member singles.

Old Member CardsEdit

Member AlbumsEdit

Dilly Dally has a sheet that allows you to place traded member singles on it to turn in for rewards. Every 10 cards you traded/earned you a reward. The member album sheets (as shown below) are not used anymore.


Levels are based on card count.

  • Level 1: 001-150
  • Level 2: 151-300
  • Level 3: 301-450
  • Level 4: 451-600
  • Level 5: 601-750
  • Level 6: 751-900
  • Level 7: 901-1050
  • Level 8: 1051-1200
  • Level 9: 1201-1350
  • Level 10: 1351-1500
  • Level 11: 1501-1650
  • Level 12: 1651-1800

Mastering DecksEdit

When a player has gathered the 20 cards in a deck, they have mastered it.


Dilly Dally's currency is coupons. There are 2 standard forms of coupons which are Basic Coupons and Special Coupons. They can be redeemed for cards at the TCG's community card exchange. The special coupons are pink in color and the regular coupons are grey.

Idol FactoryEdit

Idol factory is a special feature of Dilly Dally that allows the players to create an Idol group. It is a very detailed side-game that breaks down positions in the groups, etc.

Artist CollectionsEdit

This is a special feature based off of Credit's Character Singles activity. The members claim artists and collect decks based around them. The sheet requires 6 decks be mastered to be filled, one from each of the site's categories. Players are required to turn in an image that relates to your collection to be used as a puzzle background - as you master the decks you earn the 6 pieces of your puzzle to finish it. The activity is not required, but is encouraged on the site.

Layout GalleryEdit

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