Divinity is a bishounen character TCG which offers decks of male characters from various anime, manga, and games. It was founded by Trinity in 2005 and is currently co-owned with Dite.

It is currently on hiatus while Dite works out some changes she wants to implement.


Regular DecksEdit

Regular decks are worth 1. There are 20 cards in each deck.

Special DecksEdit

Special decks are worth 2. The number of cards per deck is 20, but sometimes there are multiple 'sets' of 20 per subject for special cards. For example, the Member's Favorite: Divinity decks have 2 sets of 20 cards to them. The subjects for the special cards are Member's Favorites and Hard Puzzle decks.

Member CardsEdit


  • Zero: Waiting to add/hold
  • One: 1-250
  • Two: 251-600
  • Three: 601-1000
  • Four: 1001-1400
  • Five: 1401-1900
  • Six: 1901-2400
  • Seven: 2401-3000
  • Eight: 3001+


Layout GalleryEdit

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