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December 2009: Closing Message

Dramatic is a TCG dedicated to Asian Television and Movies.

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The site was originally started by Tiffany and Jennifer as a TCG about Asian actors from Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The idea never fully took off the ground. The two made some templates (which have been lost over time) and made a layout, but never got to an open status.

In 2006, Jennifer decided she wanted to start up Dramatic again. Being much more knowledgeable about Asian entertainment, she expanded the topic from just actors to just Dramas and Movies made in China, Korea, and Japan. The site opened in May 30th 2006. All cards had the same template but were colored based on the country the movie or show was from. To buy cards, there were tickets and actor stubs, which were also colored to match the card colors. The colors could only be traded in for the country color matched, and actors for the movies they were in. After about five months, Jennifer decided to close the site to focus on school work.

After a year, Victoria, emailed Jennifer about reopening Dramatic. She mentioned how much she wanted a TCG for Asian Ent, and none were open at the time. Trying to rework some of the glitches in the old version, Dramatic reopened in September 11th, 2007. The new TCG featured more types of decks including, posters, puzzles, actor decks, couples, and characters, in an attempt to feature more of what people liked. Also, the color themes were ditched.

Dramatic never had any major innovations to the TCG world. Although Jennifer did introduce the "stamp card" concept. Originally, she created a card that members would stamp everytime they took cards from the updates. Many different TCG owners had taken the concept and added their own twists, creating the stamp cards we know today that are used for trades.

By December 25th, 2009, Jennifer was exhausted and unable to find the will power to keep revamping old material. She closed the site down, giving people the option to take over the site if they wished. No one took up the offer, and site remains closed.


Cards featured movies, dramas, actors and characters.


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When all the cards in a deck are collected, the deck is mastered. Mastered decks may not be traded off.


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Ticket, Card, and Actor colors corresponded to Country.

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