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July 2012

Drawings is a TCG dedicated to anime, manga and video games.

The site went inactive during Summer of 2012 and was never updated again.

Site InformationEdit



Drawings has two kinds of decks: Special and Regular. 

Regular DecksEdit

Regular decks are worth 1 and feature 30 cards in each deck. There are two types of regular decks: characters and series decks. Both types have a puzzle in the center of the deck as shown below.

Special DecksEdit

Special decks are worth 2 and feature 15 cards in each deck. They feature themes and seiyuu; they do not have a puzzle in them.

Event CardsEdit

Event cards commemorate milestones on the TCG. They are worth 0 and for every 3 earned you were rewarded.

Member CardsEdit

Drawings featured member cards and member decks. You received your member card and #01 deck card when you joined.

Member CardsEdit

Member cards were called Drawings and worth 0.

Member DecksEdit

Member decks are worth 2 and tasks must be completed to unlock each card. There are 15 cards in a deck and you had your own master badge.


Levels are based on card worth. Levels are named after various positions in artistry.

  • Enthusiast: 000 - 200
  • Student: 201 - 400
  • Trainee: 401 - 600
  • Assistant: 601 - 800
  • Illustrator: 801 - 1000
  • Professional: 1001+

Mastering DecksEdit

When a player has gathered all of the cards in the deck they master it. Mastered decks cannot be traded off.


Drawings used hearts and coupons as its currency. Each heart represents a level in currency with bronze being the lowest, then silver and finally gold. 

Heart ExchangeEdit

Different combinations of hearts would unlock different packs of cards. The packs ranged from low price (bronze) to high price (gold.)

  • Random Pack A - 3 random Cards = 3 bronze hearts
  • Random Pack B - 7 random Cards = 5 bronze hearts
  • Choice Pack A - 1 choice regular Card = 2 silver hearts
  • Choice Pack B - 3 choice regular Cards = 5 silver hearts
  • Choice Pack C - 1 choice special/member Card = 1 gold heart
  • Choice Pack D - 3 choice special/member Cards = 2 gold hearts + 1 silver heart
  • Surprise Pack A - 1 random pack = 8 bronze hearts
  • Surprise Pack B - 3 random packs = 1 silver heart + 1 bronze heart
  • Custom Master Pack - A custom made master badge = 1 gold heart
  • Re-Do Pack - Member card redo = 1 gold heart + 2 bronze hearts

Trade BoardsEdit

Players used trade boards to keep track of their trades. Once they were filled up they would turn them in for a reward. They are essentially stampcards.

Layout GalleryEdit

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