Duck Soup! is a video game TCG that was created by Smam in 2007. One of the unique features of this TCG is that each member received their own customized sprite when they joined. Cerri took over the site after Smam, then followed by Megumi and Ariel.

Site InformationEdit


Duck Soup! was founded and created in 2007 by Smam.

A unique feature of the site is the character class system. Whenever a new member joins the site, they would receive a unique, customized sprite. This would become their toon for the site. They would also select a specific class, and as they level through the site, they would eventually be able to change to a better, related class. For example, one can start off as a cleric, but at level 5 you can choose to be either priest or monk. If one choses priest, they would become a bishop at level 10 and an apostle at level 12. Through the City of DS!, members would buy skills to add to their sprite's abilities, although they would have no effect on the TCG game.

The TCG also went through several owners. Eventually, Smam gave the site over to Cerri, and Cerri gave it to Megumi and Ariel.

The site eventually shut down due to lack of time and staff availability.



  • Smam - Creator and first owner of the site, host of the TCG
  • Miriamele - Former Second-in-Command, Member List Manager, Level Up Forms, Pick a Hero Game
  • Cerri - Second Owner, City of DS
  • Gyffes - Image Finder
  • Artemis - Graphics Maker, Sprite Maker
  • NebulaChain - Image Finder


The site featured several types of cards: normal cards, character cards, month cards (puzzle card format), and several special sets that included pairings and various themed sets (specific openings, live action video game movies, consoles, member-made sets, etc).

Cards are worth 10 EXP each and you get bonus EXP when you master a deck.

Series CardsEdit

Character CardsEdit

Character cards were initially made completely with fanart or doujinshi images, but due to the lack of credit for the original artists of these decks, the decks were remade to contain official images, and credited fanart. The previous images whose artists were unknown were replaced. Some of the fonts were also slightly different in the newer version.

Month CardsEdit

There is a specific deck released each month. In Duck Soup!, they are puzzle cards. These decks were made primarily by Smam, but a few were made by Cerri and Megumi.

A completed month deck would look something like this with all 20 cards:

Pairings and Special CardsEdit

The pairings and special cards are worth twice the amount of EXP. Although pairing cards are a type of special card, they have their own coupon.

Special cards can consist of a specific theme for each deck. For example: Final Fantasy X-2 dressspheres, specific cutscenes, movie adaptations of video games, video game creatures, video game consoles, etc. There is also a card made for every puzzle image and for events and holidays.


One of the games at Duck Soup! is the Make-a-Deck game. Every few months, a theme is given and members would submit a picture that matches that theme. A deck is then made from that theme. In order to master these decks, you would just have to collect 20 of the cards. These cards are worth 10 exp.

Layout CardsEdit

Member CardsEdit

Prejoiners received an additional member card. You do not get bonus EXP from mastering a member card deck, although the cards are worth 10 EXP each.

Prejoin CardsEdit

Leveling and Job ClassesEdit

Leveling in the TCG affected each player's class changes. When joining, each member can choose one of 5 classes: warrior, mage, cleric, archer or thief. Their job class progress depends on their initial choice. Level is based on EXP rather than the number of cards.

  • Warriors must choose between Holy Knight (later Temple Knight, then Paladin) or Dark Knight (later Gladiator, then Soul Reaper)
  • Mages must choose between Shaman (later Druid, then Avatar) or Wizard (later Sorcerer, then Warlord)
  • Clerics must choose between Priest (later Bishop, then Apostle) or Monk (later Champion, then God Hand)
  • Archers must choose between Gunslinger (later Ranger, then Beserker) or Hunter (later Marksman, then Sniper)
  • Thieves must choose between Swashbuckler (later Buccaneer, then Captain) or Ninja (later Assassin, then Oni)

Basic JobEdit

  • Level One: 0-500 exp
  • Level Two: 501-1000 exp
  • Level Three: 1001-2000 exp
  • Level Four: 2001-3000 exp

Sub Class 1Edit

  • Level Five: 3001-4000 exp
  • Level Six: 4001-5000 exp
  • Level Seven: 5001-7000 exp
  • Level Eight: 7001-9000 exp
  • Level Nine: 9001-11000 exp

Sub Class 2Edit

  • Level Ten: 11001-14000 exp
  • Level Eleven: 14001-20000 exp

Final Sub ClassEdit

  • Level Twelve: 20001+


Star CoinsEdit

The currency used at Duck Soup! is star coins. They can be exchanged for various things at the City of DS! The star coins come in a star representing 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 star coins.


Coupons can be exchanged for random cards or choice cards.

Sprites and InventoryEdit

Each member receives a personalized sprite when they join.

They also have the option to receive an animated inventory that shows off their personal sprite, stat points, equipment, & skills/spells.

Skills could be obtained by buying them in the City of DS! Certain skills could only be obtained through the completion of the level 10 optional sidequest for your guild.

Additional accessories could be obtained through completion of optional sidequests that are available through your guilds. For example, a Cleric at level four would have the option of getting a basic staff added to their inventory by donating a needed deck.

City of DS!Edit

City of DS! is where members would go to buy various items, most of which do not have an effect on the card game and were simply collectibles to decorate the members' card pages. Some of the items you could buy were sprites, posters and skills for your inventory. You could also exchange your coupons for cards.


Guild WarsEdit

Ducksoup gwtrophy

Guild Wars Trophy

Based on job classes, you will be in one of five guilds: Archer, Cleric, Mage, Thief or Warrior. Every two months, members have the opportunity to complete five tasks to get five points for their guild. These tasks needed to be done in order.

At the end of the two months, one of the guilds would be announced, and they would win prizes and banners to show that they won the guild war for those two months. Individual players would also receive their own banner if they got 5 points for their guild that round.

Layout GalleryEdit

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