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Furusato is a Japanese culture TCG by Kerri. Although Kerri set the site to hiatus on September 11, 2015, she explained on Twitter that the site was not actually on hiatus. She later came back on October 27, 2015 and declared that the TCG was now a mini-TCG for the time being.




Regular cards are worth 1 and consist of 20 cards per deck.


Special decks are worth 2.

Member Cards[]

Member Decks[]

For completing various tasks, members may unlock the tasks' corresponding cards in their deck. Prejoin members were given the chance to create member decks for free during the prejoid; however, members must now pay in TCG currency a fee to begin a member deck.


  • Level Ichi: 001-100
  • Level Ni: 101-200
  • Level San: 201-350
  • Level Shi: 351-500
  • Level Go: 501-700
  • Level Roku: 701-950
  • Level Nana: 951-1200
  • Level Hachi: 1201-1350
  • Level Kyuu: 1351-1600
  • Level Juu: 1601-1900
  • Level Juu Ichi: 1901-2200
  • Level Juu Ni: 2201-2550
  • Level Juu San: 2551-2900
  • Level Juu Shi: 2901-3300
  • Level Juu Go: 3301-3700

Mastering Decks[]

When a player has collected all the cards in a deck, they have mastered it. Mastered decks cannot be traded out.


The currency used at Furusato is yen. There is no associated image for the currency.

Layout Gallery[]