Gekko Yume is a fully-automated German-language Trading Card Game (TCG) that covers card sets of every category.

Since Gekko Yume is based on PHP, members do not need a own homepage to display their cards. Every member has their own profile on the main site.

Special features the TCG holds, are:

  • Many individual level badges across many categories
  • Choose between 6 exclusively created layouts
  • Very individual card design with a thin frame that does not hide much of the card's picture
  • Special events around Easter, Christmas, summer, our mascot's birthday, etc.
  • Every month, new card sets and technical features are implemented
  • And many more!

Staff Edit

Team Edit

GekkoYume Passfotokimi

Mascot Edit

Kimiko (often called Kimi-chan) is the mascot of Gekko Yume. She loves to bustle around the page and even has her own account! Yep, you can trade cards with her if you want to!

A few facts about Kimi-chan:

  • Birthday: August 20, 2005
  • Hobbies: sleeping, singing, rolling around
  • Favorite food: Chocolate and Tiramisu

Card Sets Edit

Card Categories Edit

There are 26 categories. Most of them are splitted into sub-categories.

Types of Card Sets Edit

There are 4 different types of card sets on Gekko Yume:

  • Normal sets: 12 individual cards + mastercard
  • Puzzle sets: 12 cards that assemble to a single picture + mastercard
  • Special sets: 15 individual cards + mastercard
  • Precious sets: 25 individual cards + mastercard
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