Girls' Generation TCG is a TCG dedicated to the Korean pop group, Girls' Generation. It went on hiatus on May 2015 and the site has since then been deleted.



Member CardsEdit


  • Seomate: 001-500
  • Yoonaddict: 501-1,000
  • Sooyoungster: 1,001-1,500
  • Yurisistable: 1,501-2,000
  • Hyohunnie: 2,001-2,500
  • Fanytastic: 2,501-3,000
  • Sunshiner: 3,001-3,500
  • Gorjess: 3,501-4,000
  • Taeganger: 4,001-4,500
  • Sone: 4,501-5,000

Mastering DecksEdit

When a player has collected all the cards in a deck, they have mastered it. Mastered decks cannot be traded out.


The currency used at Girls' Generation is Gees.


Power-ups give certain advantages to the player, including double game rewards, double deck pulls, extra donations, a new member card, and access to additional games.

Trader RewardsEdit

Players can obtain either a CD or a photocard based on the number of card worth traded. CDs are worth 20 card worth trades, and photocards are worth an equivalent to 30 card worth trades.

Layout GalleryEdit

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