Gleam is an all-male TCG created and run by Aki with Jessica and Samichan as (former) co-owners. It was established on June 25, 2015 and then finally opened for prejoin on December 23, 2019, which then officially opened on January 25, 2020.


Owner Edit

Current Team Edit

  • Saya - Deck Maker, Forum Moderator
  • Bun - Deck Maker, Forum Moderator
  • Mio - Deck Maker, Forum Moderator
  • Cami - Game Master
  • Jessica - Deck Maker

Former Team Edit


Gleam has 2 types of decks: normal and special.

Normal DecksEdit

Normal decks are worth 1. They can be separated into 4 different categories: character, puzzle, themed/artist, and seiyuu.

Special DecksEdit

Special decks are worth 2. These are similar to themed decks and contain 15 cards or less.

Event CardsEdit

Event Cards are made whenever an achievement or event happens in the TCG. They can be collected and mastered every 10 cards. Unlike the regular and special decks, Event Cards cannot be traded away and can only be earned through updates.

Member cardsEdit

Member cards are worth 0 and may be traded freely between members.  After collecting the necessary items, members may purchase an additional member card -- the Platinum Card.  This card is similar to the original member card; however the coloured bar is removed, and the card now has an animated sheen added to it. The Platinum Card is also worth 0, but it cannot be traded with other members.


Levels are based on card worth with 10 levels total.

  • Average: 0-200
  • Lovely: 201-400
  • Pretty: 401-600
  • Beautiful: 601-1000
  • Charming: 1001-1400
  • Gorgeous: 1401-1800
  • Enticing: 1801-2400
  • Stunning: 2401-3000
  • Supreme: 3001-3600
  • Divine: Every 700 cards gained after Supreme

Mastering DecksEdit

When a player has collected all 20 cards (exception is special decks) in a deck, they obtain the master badge.  Mastered cards cannot be traded away.


The main currency at Gleam is lollipops which can be spent at the shoppe for coupons or merchandise. The secondary currency is charm points, they can be spent on special coupons or boosters.

Coupons & Power BoostersEdit

There are 3 different types of coupons at Gleam, which you purchase from the shop and/or receive as a reward when you play games, or given as freebies during events and the likes. They are the Lucky Box, Fancy Box, and Magic Box coupons, having their own value or benefits.

Lucky BoxEdit

These are commonly given away when you play some of the monthly set games.

Fancy BoxEdit

The Fancy Box coupons are given away during special events such as birthdays and holidays. Only one of these coupons will be given away during the said events for free (or you can buy them from the Charm Shoppe).

Magic BoxEdit

Unlike the Lucky Box and Fancy Box coupons, Magic Box coupons are rare and can only be given out as a gift. These are also available in the shop but it uses the charm points currency instead of lollipops.

Power BoostersEdit

Aside from coupons, Gleam has power boosters and they come in the form of different colored books. Power boosters can give you some abilities that you can use for your TCG activities.
  • Book of Trinity - Serves as a promo ticket for the Photostock Shop when you purchase or redeem items such as profile badges, bishie collection, posters, and the likes.
  • Book of Charms - Allows a player to take twice the amount of pulls they usually get from the new released decks in each update.
  • Book of Treasures - Allows a player to get 3 choice cards from any special decks.
  • Book of Alchemy - Allow a player to get 10 choice cards from any regular decks.

Layout GalleryEdit

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