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Harmony is TCG that was originally dedicated only to anime scenes, openings, and endings. The site left for a 2-month hiatus in October 2013 and reopened on December 21, 2013. Following the revamp, the TCG now includes manga and artbook decks.

With its most recent revamp in July 2014, Harmony has revamped its card page and added a new couples deck category.

After being open for two years, Harmony finally closed on March 13, 2015.

Site Information[]


Current Staff[]

  • Samichan - Owner
  • Jessica - Co-Owner, Card Maker, & Code Helper
  • Jun - Card Maker
  • Moe - Card Maker
  • Kairi  - Forum Helper
  • Mia - Forum Helper, CD Maker

Event/Temporary Staff​[]

  • Jessica - Team Challenge Captain (Team Celes)
  • Pshaman - Team Challenge Captain (Team Moon)
  • Samichan - Team Challenge Captain, Team War Mod (Team Fiore)
  • Mina - Team Challenge War Mod (Team Moon)
  • Sujini - Team Challenge War Mod (Team Celes)
  • Arisa - Team Challenge Group Collect Mod (Team Fiore)
  • Hotaru - Team Challenge Group Collect Mod (Team Celes)

Former Staff[]


There are two types of decks on Harmony: normal and special.

Normal Decks[]

Normal decks are worth 1 and feature scenes, openings, endings, puzzles, artwork/manga decks, and member made decks.

Old Template[]

Special Decks[]

The special decks are worth 2 and feature characters, couples, and themed decks.

Old Template[]

Team Event Decks[]

The Team/Event decks are worth 0 and feature unique images to each team. They are earned only through points from participating in the challenge.

Member Cards[]

Member cards are worth 0 and may be traded freely between members. Harmony used to feature single member cards during its first run, but now implements a member deck for each player. The cards are earned through various tasks on the TCG.

Member Decks[]

Old Template[]


Levels are based on card worth, with 20 levels in total. The first ten levels are named after the counting numbers in Japanese and the remaining are high ranks. There were originally only 10 levels and another 10 were added because so many members had hit the final Jyuu level! Once members hit at least Jyuu, they receive their own deck mastery badge and special puzzle deck.

  • Ichi: 1-250
  • Ni: 251-450
  • San: 451-650
  • Shi: 651-850
  • Go: 851-1050
  • Roku: 1051-1200
  • Nana: 1201-1450
  • Hachi: 1451-1600
  • Kyu: 1601-1850
  • Jyuu: 1851-2000
  • VIP: 2001-2250
  • Rising Star: 2251-2450
  • Celebrity: 2451-2650
  • Notable: 2651-2850
  • Star: 2851-3050
  • Leader: 3051-3200
  • Idol: 3201-3450
  • Obsessed: 3451-3600
  • Queen/King: 3601-3850
  • Super Star: 3851-4000+

Mastering Decks[]

When a player has collected all 20 cards in a deck, they obtain the mastery badge. Mastered cards cannot be traded off.

Old Template[]


Harmony uses two types of currency: candy and coupons. Candy is used to purchase cards and collectibles. Coupons are exchanged for choice cards.

Special/Event Currency[]

During every event, there is usually a mini-currency that will circulate; it can be redeemed at the end of it. After the event is over, the currency and coupons retire.


There are two shops where players can obtain rare collectibles. The shops used to be rotated out monthly, but now they are all available to buy from at any time (all are not listed because there's way too many!).


Figurines are worth 1 toward a player's card count.


Scrolls were retired after the revamp, not being very popular among the other shops and features.


CD's are worth 1 toward a player's card count. (All are not listed because there's too many!)

Scroll Masteries[]

Scroll masteries were around when Harmony first opened but the idea was shortly scrapped after for not having enough cards to complete. They have been revamped now that the tcg has 500+ decks. The side game is intended for higher level players that are nearing the capped count. The credit for inspiration for Scroll Masteries comes from Morisawa at CollageTCG.

Scroll Mastery Guidelines[]

  • 1. Any deck that you use to master may only be used ONCE. This means if you want to complete 2 different scrolls that need the same character/etc you must master it AGAIN.
  • 2. You must master decks that fit the requirements. IE: For scenes it must be a scene where the person/series/etc is involved in. They cannot just make a cameo in the scene or be on 1 card.
  • 3. These are turned in on the forums so they can be checked before you are rewarded.
  • 4. When you complete a card, you must choose 1 card from each of the decks that you mastered to represent it for the slot on the scroll.
  • 5. If there is a card you want to collect, but it's not available, simply pm Samichan and ask for it.
  • 6. There will be no refunds on these scrolls. Once you complete one, you may not refund the masteries for another one.
  • 7. At the moment there are only series and relationship scrolls. Character scrolls will come at a later time!
  • 8. Make sure you read the scrolls carefully. There are differences between Series & Relationship scrolls.
  • 9. You can buy your image for your scroll at the shop for 500 Candy.
  • 10. In the future there may be coupons / packs to buy slots on the scrolls.

Layout Gallery[]