Heartchu is a South Korean entertainment TCG by Taliana, Helix (previously Zzang) and Osanity (previously Mica). It was originally a TCG only for specific Korean pop groups when it first opened in 2007, and only had decks for Super Junior, Dong Bang Shin Gi, Shinhwa, Big Bang, FT Island, SS501, Girls' Generation/SNSD and Rain/Bi.

When it reopened in 2013, the subject became broader and now includes all Korean music, Korean actors and actresses, and even some decks for Korean dramas.

It officially closed on September 30, 2014.


Former StaffEdit


Regular DecksEdit

Artist, Actor, Group, and MV decks all have 20 cards per deck. Photo decks range from 10, to 15, to 20.

Special CardsEdit

Special cards consist of decks that would not fall into any other category, including collaborations, commericals, musicals and instagram pictures.

Limited Edition CardsEdit

Limited Edition cards are member-created decks that are only released for a limited amount of time before they retire. Players that master limited edition decks receive a personalized mastery badge.

Event CardsEdit

Event cards are not tradeable and are worth 1; players can receive cards for every 10 event cards that they collect.

Old TemplateEdit

The old Heartchu cards came in two different sizes. Artist cards used the vertical template, while MV used the horizontal template.

Member CardsEdit

Member cards are worth 0; players cannot master the member deck.

Old TemplateEdit

Old Template (2007)Edit


Leveling at Heartchu is based on number of cards as well as number of masteries (or number of CDs). Masteries required for a new level must be new masteries in most cases (some exceptions apply). Those that reach Ultimate receive a customized level badge, in addition to a personalized event card.

  • n00b: 0-99
  • Bronze: 100-349
  • Silver: 350-599; 1 group or 1 member mastery
  • Gold: 600-999; 1 MV and 1 photo masteries
  • Platinum: 1000-1499; 2 MV, 2 photo, and 2 group or member masteries
  • Diamond: 1500-1999; any 5 decks
  • Master: 2000-2999; 4 CDs
  • Grand Master: 3000-3999; 2 MV and group, and all member decks of a group of your choice
  • Ultimate: Any 15 decks

Mastering DecksEdit

When players collect all the cards in a deck, they receive a mastery badge for mastering it. Cards in a mastered deck cannot be traded out.


The currency used at Heartchu is hearts. They can be exchanged for power-ups in the Love Shop. There is no image provided for the hearts.

Old Currency (2007)Edit

The old currency consisted of coupons and lovebills. Lovebills were used to buy collectibles and are group-specific. There were two looks for the lovebills, the latter being the revamped look, while the former with the three hearts was the original look.

Stamp CardsEdit

Instead of using stamp cards, Heartchu has a CD system. For every 30 cards traded, including member cards, players can receive a CD of their choice. After collecting 25 CDs, players will need to trade 40 cards to collect a CD, and after collecting 50 CDs, players need to trade 50 cards for one CD. 

Love ShopEdit

Players can exchange hearts for power-ups which each have a different function. All but one power-up are temporary and have limited uses. Players can only buy one of each power-up per month and cannot have multiples of the same power-up.

Examples of power-up abilties are things such as double game rewards, or the ability to pick twice as many cards from new decks.

Layout GalleryEdit

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