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La Musica, formerly known as Replay and Pop Star Cards, is a music TCG by Jams. Created in 2003, it is the first TCG based entirely on music.

The website re-opened in 2005 and has yet to close officially. The TCG received a massive restart, with a new name and new card template in December 2012 and updated every Saturday.

The site is one of the longest running TCGs with many revamps and re-openings to keep up with the current trends.

La Musica was heavily inspired by Odulation! after the 2005 re-opening, with the inclusion of Music Videos Decks, Birthday Decks and Asian Music.


Current Staff[]

Former Staff[]


Replay got its start way back in 2003 when Jesheckah came to Sheva with a new TCG idea. Many of the TCGs that were around at that point were based around themes dealing with Japan: anime, video games, and seiyuu.

Jesheckah's idea was to create a TCG dedicated to the American music scene. So the very first music TCG, Pop Star Cards was born, with a focus on American Pop music. Sheva quickly ended up taking over creating cards and running the website. The website grew quickly and wanted to expand to include other genres of music. The website was renamed La Musica by Danika. La Musica featured only artist decks and had a very short run for only a few months before closing down.

The TCG was finally brought back October 2005 with a brand new template and started fresh. It was also La Musica's first venture into music outside of the US. In 2006, the website went on hiatus and was given another new template that would accommodate music videos, which were a major addition to the TCG. After some time the TCG expanded to include all forms of media relating to music: commercials, photobooks and live performances. These decks were labeled "rare decks" and were worth 2. Special decks, which included website themed decks, were bumped up to being worth 3.

In 2010, the website was revamped so that there would only be one template that matched. The overall image quality was raised so that decks would look better. During Summer 2011, the website was closed down temporarily and given a full restart. La Musica had way too many deck types with different card values that made it far too complicated. By this time, La Musica had well over 10,000 cards. All rare and special cards were eliminated leaving the TCG with just artist and music video decks.

The website ran a contest for members to suggest and vote for a new name for the website. La Musica was renamed Replay for its 10 year anniversary.



All decks on Replay are worth 1. There are two types of decks: artist and music video. Artist decks feature soloists, bands, and band members. All musical genres are covered, the three most popular being American Pop, Korean Pop, and Japanese Pop.

Old Cards[]

Pop Star Cards 2003[]

The very first template for Pop Star Cards decks consisted of only 9 cards.

Concept Templates 2004[]

During the 3 year closing there were several ideas for different templates. This was one of them.

La Musica 2005-2006[]

Template for the 2005 re-opening. Was used for only one year due to the limited space for text.

La Musica 2006-2009[]

Re-vamped and longest running template introduced in 2006. A second wider template was added for music videos. Rare decks that featured commercials, photobooks, and live performances were added.

La Musica 2010-2011[]

La Musica started to really feel the hurt in 2010 with low quality gif formatted cards, it just wasn't the prettiest TCG out there anymore. So there was a massive overhaul of all decks to convert them to png and make all cards the same size. All artist, photobook and special decks were expanded to fit the same template used for music video and live performance decks. This was the final revamp for old La Musica before being completely rebooted as Replay.

Member Cards[]

Member cards are worth 0 and may be traded freely between members. For every 10 member cards collected a player may claim a mini mastery.

Member Cards Mini Mastery[]

This mini mastery will earn them one card from the member cards deck. When a player has mastered the member cards mini deck (which in essence means that they have collected 100+ member cards) they will gain the meta mastery. Attaining the meta mastery will make all member cards value change from 0 to 1, giving these players a significant boost to their card value.


Because of the broad subject Replay has a very wide selection of decks. Currently there are over 500 decks, or 10000 cards. In the past before the re-work La Music has had over 1000 decks.

Since there are so many decks there has always been issues with balancing the levels. Leveling is notoriously hard as the card value requirement for each level is very high.

  • Single: 001-100
  • Maxi Single: 101-250
  • Mini-Album: 251-500
  • LP: 501-750
  • EP: 751-1000
  • Album: 1001-2000
  • Silver: 2001-3000
  • Gold: 3001-4000
  • Platinum: 4001-5000
  • Diamond: 5001+

Mastering Decks[]

When a player has collected all 20 cards in a deck, they obtain the mastery badge. Mastered cards cannot be traded off.



With Replay's renaming and re-work the currency was also simplified. All rare deck types and the music store collectibles were trashed. Also traded music dollars in for much simpler coupons for members to get choice cards. The game pass has only really been given out once, but it allows members to email the owner to skip playing a game round and get the prize.

Music Dollars (2005-2010)[]

The first currency introduced to La Musica with the re-opening in 2005. Simple dollar value currency used to purchase cards and collectibles from the music store.

Music Store Coupons (2005-2010)[]

These coupons were given out on special occasions, they were good for the collectible items available in the music store.

Music Dollars (2010-2011)[]

With the 2010 revamp to make all decks higher quality and transfer them over to .png format from .gif these music dollars were created to replace the old ones as well.

Card Coupons (2010-2011)[]

First set of card coupons introduced during the 2010 revamp.

Special Birthday Card Coupons (2010-2011)[]

Used so that members could get cards from the special birthday decks. There was one deck per month, and members were only given one card for their birth month a year. 

Music Store[]

>> Info about old Collectibles here <<

Layout Gallery[]


  • Pop Star Cards is the first Music TCG.
  • The first music TCG to do dedicated updates with all deck releases themed around one musician.
  • La Musica's birthday special decks were inspired by the birthday decks in Odulation!