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Liberi Fatali is a Final Fantasy TCG by Carla that was originally opened in April 2005. It was renamed Liberi Fatali Rebirth for the second and third runs.

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Holo Cards[]

During the original run of Liberi Fatali there were special cards called holo cards. Each was numbered '00' and had a rainbow border, and were required to master a deck. They were worth one but could only be traded for other holo cards. There weren't too many ways to earn them making them highly valuable.

Originally, holo cards were implemented so that the 10-carded normal decks could not be mastered too quickly, but they have been discontinued with the re-opening of the new site due to the fact that many members never traded them off because of how difficult it was to attain them, and the fact that many members tended to ignore the 'required for mastery' rule and submit master forms without having them.

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