Hello! My name is Liz and I've been into TCGs for a year now and have loved them ever since. My very first TCG is Colors, in which I was made into a games and miscellaneous help mod in Summer 2014. I have quite a lot of varied interests, which you may find when perusing my site.

Beyond this, I'm a fairly active player at all of my TCGs and love to trade and play with others! Hopefully you and I can trade soon. :3

(Work-in-progress, woooo and as you can see, total newb when it comes to wiki editing.)

TCG WorkEdit


TCG PlayedEdit

1Up, Brilliant, Champion, Charm, Colors, Himitsu, Japanimation, Mint, Moving Lines, Reflection, Riddikulus, Rockin' Nippon, Showtime!, Suit and Tie

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