Loser Like Me is a Glee TCG by Jenny. The TCG opened for prejoin February 20, 2013. The site closed around October 2015 due to lack of activity.




There are two types of cards: Regular and Special.

Regular DecksEdit

Regular decks are splitted into several groups: performance, episode, character, relationship, scene, actor. Every deck has 20 cards, except for scene decks which only have 15 cards. All cards are worth 1.

Special DecksEdit

Special decks feature either photoshoots of the cast/promotional images for the seasons or member's favourites. Cards are worth 2.

Member CardsEdit

Member Cards are worth 0. If traded along with other cards, they do however count as one trade.


When you join Loser Like Me, you begin at level one and work your way up through the levels. Levels are based on card worth.

  • Level 1: 1-150
  • Level 2: 151-300
  • Level 3: 301-500
  • Level 4: 501-900
  • Level 5: 901-1500
  • Level 6: 1501-2000
  • Level 7: 2001-2500
  • Level 8: 2501-4000
  • Level 9: 4001-6000
  • Level 10: 6001+

You can use one of the several Level Badges to display which level you are on.

Mastering DecksEdit


By playing games and leveling up, you can earn gold stars and slushies. Gold Stars are very rare and grant one choice card. You can use one of the several Level Badges to display which level you are on.

Combo CardsEdit

There are two typed of combo cards: episode and character. You must master four decks from the episode/character of choice to get an extra mastery.

Layout GalleryEdit

There are several layouts that the user can choose between.
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