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Loved by the Night is a Castlevania TCG.

The TCG's name comes from the beginning of Lament of Innocence, where Rinaldo tells Leon that "Vampires are loved by the night, and this forest is locked in eternal darkness."

The TCG went through 3 runs before finally closing January 8, 2009.

Site Information[]



There are four type of cards: Game Cards, Character Cards, Poster Decks, and Special Cards.

Member Cards[]


Levels have a choice between Good or Evil. Depending on what the affiliation was, depended on the level the player was assigned.

# of cards level (good) level (evil)
1 to 35 Trainee Beast
36 to 75 Fighter Terror
76 to 130 Knight Demonling
131 to 200 Hunter Bloodsucker
201 to 270 Legend Vampire
271 and up Belmont Dracula

Mastering Decks[]