Maron's Scripts is a resource site for TCG owners created by Maron, all scripts available for download. A demo version of all scripts and a full MySQLi mini TCG is available for download.

Site Information Edit

Available scripts Edit

  • Full Mini TCG (MySQLi)
  • Demo:
    • Add-ons: Categories, card view in modals, private message system
    • Including Games: Slotmachine, Tombole, Vote a deck, Card Claim, Melting Pot, Wish
  • Shop System (MySQL)
    • Including: Coupons Trade-In, buy single cards, buy packages
  • Games (MySQL)
    • Including: Tombola, Shuffle Word, Random Events
  • Admin Control Panel (MySQL)
    • Including: Add/Edit Badges, Add/Edit Buttons, Add/Edit Trade Cards
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