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Media Junky is a Jrock TCG, ranging from heavy metal to soft rock. It is run by Ayay. The TCG was originally called Telegraph Boys during its first run in 2008. Media Junky is the precursor to Music Station, a Jmusic TCG also by Ayay.

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During the original run, Media Junky was called Telegraph Boys. After Yuber P swore off TCGs in 2006 after the flop of her Jrock PV TCG, Crazy Nights, Yuber P went off to do other things. One of them scanning bunch of old Jrock magazines and CDs for the Jrock community. In 2008, Yuber P, now going by Ayay, got the urge to start up a new TCG after starting a graphic site with one of her friends. The focus of Telegraph Boys was the Jrock genre, visual kei. Ayay chose that as her main theme since the majority of the past Jrock TCGs seemed to focused on visual kei anyways. The TCG ran smoothly until around December 2008, when school and the winter holidays started to keep Ayay busy. The TCG ended around January 2009, after Ayay lost her back of the site and the site that Telegraph Boys was hosted on was hacked shortly afterwards.

Telegraph Boys was named after the Strawberry Fields song, "Telegraph Boys". During Febuary 2010, Ayay decided to rebuild Telegraph Boys. Looking over what Japanese Heroes and Holiday Shinjuku lacked in cards, Ayay decided that what the new version of Telegraph Boys was going to include. That meant to having older artists, such as Loudness and Cobra. Ayay opened a sample of the new site for the world to see in April 2010.

Before finding a good host in May 2010, the second run of Telegraph Boys was renamed to Media Junky. Even though Media Junky does not have many members, the site is more interactive than Ayay could hoped for. In August 2010, PV decks were added to the TCG. In the future, Ayay hopes to add more non-visual kei decks.

Media Junky's name came the 1994 BY-SEXUAL single, "Media Junky".


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