An example of a member card

A member card is a unique card made for members of a TCG. They generally have the member's name on it and feature an image selected by the members themselves.

It is unknown when and where the trend began, but it has now become a staple for most TCGs and is usually something optional for members to participate in.

Each TCG handles them differently: some give you unlimited copies of your own card to trade and collect, while others make you earn them. Some TCGs even let members create a new card each time they reach an achievement in the game and eventually create a complete deck.

Member Decks[edit | edit source]

A few TCGs have added a "twist" by letting members create their own decks. While a normal member card is typically given to a member upon joining, decks are usually unlocked by completing tasks on the website.

Example: Elements.

Member card examples[edit | edit source]

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