The TCG Wiki is proud to present the MILESTONE AWARDS. We would like to recognize the individuals who have made major contributions to the TCG Community.

Some good examples of the types of candidates:

  • Someone who has written and released a script for public use
  • Someone who has provided services which have enriched the community
  • Someone who has started a trend which has been widely adopted by the community

These people are carefully chosen for a number of reasons. Eligibility is determined by TCG Wiki Staff. If you would like to recommend someone to receive this honor please do so on the forums.

Each award has the name of both the individual and their achievement. It is entirely possible for a person to receive more than one award.

Every award given out will be displayed here and more will be given out occasionally.

All awards are Sailor Moon themed, well, not only to match but it also seemed fitting since the first tcg was dedicated to the series.


Next on the ListEdit

  • Mandi - Card Manager
  • Kajouka (Got Bishi?) - Trade Pot
  • Nalin (Picture Perfect) - Combos
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