Nakama is a Dreamwidth based TCG that focused on collecting mass decks. The main focus of Nakama is to collect by groups. Whether they're friends, rivals, protagonists or antagonists, it's up to the players to build their dream team. The site went on hiatus before being adopted by Netbug and featured decks from anime, manga, video games and cartoons.

The TCG closed on January 2014.

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Regular cards feature characters with 15 cards in each deck.

Special CardsEdit

Special cards feature themes or are puzzle cards. Special decks have 25-30 cards and puzzle decks have 16.

Member Cards

Mastering DecksEdit

Nakama featured 2 types of deck mastery: solo and mass.

Solo MasteryEdit

Solo masteries are character deck masteries.

Mass MasteryEdit

Mass masteries are decks that are mastered from a checklist. You must claim a check list with the decks you want to be associated in your mass mastery. After mastering the 1-10 decks you've requested on the decklist you could apply for your mass mastery badge.


  • Make sure to grab a Mass Mastery Checklist first before anything else. The Checklist will be required in order to claim your prize when you finish all of the decks.
  • Once you have the Checklist, you will have to master all of the decks in it first before you can claim your reward.
  • You can only have 3-10 decks in one Checklist. No more, no less.
  • You are allowed to change the contents of the list twice. Just comment to the mod reply to your original thread for this.
  • Only Single Decks are allowed to be included in the list.
  • You cannot use a mastered deck for this list. If you have claimed rewards for the deck, you need to start over.
  • The first deck you list will be the color of your Checklist.
  • You are allowed to have a maximum of three Checklists at one time.
  • You can only make a Checklist based on the following:
  • Characters from the same canon (i.e. Ao no Exorcist, Justice League)
  • Characters from official crossovers (i.e. Marvel vs Capcom, Final Fantasy Dissidia)
  • Characters from the same franchise (i.e. Shin Megami Tensei series, Tales series)
  • Characters from the same publisher/producer/artist (i.e. DC, Shounen Jump, Hatori Bisco, Namco)


Nakama used tickets as their currency. Maps were used for choice cards.

Ticket ShopEdit

  • Yellow: 1 Choice Puzzle
  • Blue: 2 Choice Single
  • Green: 2 Choice Special
  • Retro: 1 Choice Single + 1 Choice Special
  • Pink: 2 random cards
  • Purple: 4 random cards
  • Gray: 6 random cards
  • Map: 1 Choice card (any)

Rules of the shop:

  • You can only use two of the following tickets per week: Yellow, Blue, Green, Retro.
  • You can only use one of the following tickets per week: Pink, Purple, Gray.
  • You can only use Maps four times a week.
  • You need to provide a link to your card post and logs when claiming cards.
  • You can only exchange new tickets after seven days from last use once you've hit the limit.


One stampcard is equal to 20 trades. Trades were counted by card worth, so puzzles would be 2 stamps. When completed they could be turned into the cafe to receive prizes.

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