Odulation! is a TCG dedicated to Japanese music videos. The site had originally opened in 2005 and ran until around 2006. Calico closed Odulation! down at the end of 2006 to focus her attention on the re-opening of her Sailor Moon TCG, Senshi Card-Mania! R. She reopened it around 2008 for a short while before closing again.

Site InformationEdit

  • Owner: Calico
  • Category: Asian Entertainment, Music, Japan
  • Lifetime: 2005 - 2006; 2008


  • Calico - Owner
  • Mousey - Grunt Work Diva
  • Jennifer - Card Maker, Game Helper
  • Mysty - Birthday Fairy, Artist of the Month (AOTM) Prize Fairy
  • Emily - Member Moderator
  • Smam - Forum Fairy


The site featured several types of cards. There were of coarse the "normal" cards which consisted of music videos. Then there were Commercial cards that featured 5 cards pet deck. The commercial decks featured several different commercials of the same artist promoting the same product line (Example Ayumi Hamasaki's commercials for Panasonic). There were also special decks, which were often decks of Artist's single and album covers, or artist photo albums. After the revamp, special decks were made for the "type of collector" you were. For example there were Artist Decks, Genre Decks, Label Decks, Girl Decks, etc. Member cards were available and so were Mastery cards.

Member CardsEdit

Mastering DecksEdit

When a player has collected all 20 cards in a deck, they obtain the master badge. Mastered cards cannot be traded off. Initially, Odulation! had master cards, but later created custom badges for each member.


Odulation! had two types of currency. One was money that could be used to buy cards. Then there were artist coupons. When one artist had 4 or more decks of them, a coupon was made. You could either trade it in for a choice card by that Artist, or you could trade it in for 4 random cards from that artist.

Artist of the MonthEdit

Each month, members would vote from a small pool of artists to be chosen as Artist of the Month. The winning artist would have a sprite created and prize packs would be sent to members.

Artist TickersEdit

Members would be able to track their mastered decks by a particular artist with a ticker. Once a member mastered 10 decks on a ticker they would be eligible for a special card.


  • Odulation! was the first TCG to include a Member of the Month feature.
  • Odulation! was also the first TCG to do monthly Birthday decks, featuring musicians born in the deck of their birth month.
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