Phoenix Down is a TCG dedicated to the Final Fantasy video game series. Decks feature all games and off-shoots of the series as well as another SquareEnix series, Kingdom Hearts. The TCG is run by Nejana.

Although the site stopped updating in 2013, Nejana started working on the site again in late 2014 and reopened the join form on December 31, 2014.

As of September 2016, the site has not been updated since April 2016.



All cards on Phoenix Down are worth 1 and are split by various categories.

Party CardsEdit

Party Cards are Phoenix Down's version of member cards. Players earn cards to create their own 15-card deck. You earn these by completing tasks on the TCG. These decks can be mastered.


There are 2 types of leveling at Phoenix Down: card count and exp leveling.

Experience LevelingEdit

You earn exp from playing games and activities. For every 1000 EXP you go up one level. Your party cards earned the exp and grew as you progressed.

  • Every Member, Love, 2nd PM, 3rd PM, Summon that grows one level is rewarded: 1 choice coupon and 2 random cards.
  • Every Member, Love, 2nd PM, 3rd PM, Summon that grows five levels is rewarded: 3 materia and 1 random chest.

Disc ChangeEdit

Leveling up in Phoenix Down is called disc change. Once you collected enough cards for the level, you could move up The ranks were based off of terms that related to that Final Fantasy number.

  • Light Warrior: 0 cards
  • Rebel: 75 cards
  • Orphan: 150 cards
  • Red Wing: 250 cards
  • Warrior of Dawn: 400 cards
  • Returner: 600 cards
  • Avalanche: 800 cards
  • SeeD: 1000 cards
  • Troupe: 1300 cards
  • Summoner: 1600 cards
  • Zilart: 2000 cards
  • Pirate: 2500 cards
  • L-Cie: 3000 cards
  • Disciple: 3500 cards .

Mastering DecksEdit

When you aquire all the cards in a deck you've mastered it. The cards cannot be traded out again and you receive a badge for you efforts!


Phoenix Down had multiple forms of currency for different things. Some were used for site related activities and others for side quests.


Elixirs were used in the shops to grant cards packs.


These were opened in the shops for card/elixir packs.

Summon/Quest ItemsEdit

To obtain certain summons, you would have to aquire certain items.


Kingdom Hearts CurrencyEdit

Layout GalleryEdit

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