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February 2012

Playlist, a music video TCG, was started by Catherine via the inspiration of La Musica and closed TCG Polyphonic to accomodate the need for a trading card game focused on just music videos. Playlist later expanded to include special decks of artists but kept its attention to music videos.

Playlist originally opened for pre-join on November 24th, 2008. During the almost two year time span Playlist was open, there were many ups and downs. Playlist went on a brief hiatus in the summer of 2010 coming back later in the season with a brand new outlook but because of lack of member activity and recent owner time constraints, Playlist closed on November 10th, 2010. Playlist re-opened on April 24th, 2011 and closed again March 2012.

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  • Music Video Decks (Worth 1) - These decks range in every style of music from Country to Heavy Metal and everything in betweem. Containing 15 cards per deck, these decks are simple to master.
  • Artist Decks (Worth 2) - These decks were introduced into the TCG within the last year before its closing. To master these decks, you must have already mastered 2 of that artists music video decks. Collaborations count, Features do not.
  • Performance Decks & Music Videos of Decks (Worth 2) - These decks were also introduced into the TCG within the last year before its closing. To master these decks, you must have already mastered the artist deck. Solo artists in groups do NOT count (Ex. You must master the Destiny's Child NOT Beyonce artist deck to master a Destiny's Child performance deck and vice versa).
  • Animations (Worth 2) - This is A PLAYLIST ORIGINAL card type. These cards are animated music videos.
  • Events and Layouts (Worth 2) - These decks are pretty self explainitory. Each event card represented and milestone in the Playlist history. Each layout card coincided with our designs.
  • Other Special Decks (Worth 2) - Playlist has other special decks as well. These decks have included member's favorites and more.
  • Albums (Worth 0) - These are not cards. They are just an extra special something that can be earned, bought, or given away for free and masterable for every 15 collected.

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These cards are worth 0. Each member has an unlimited amount of your own member card to trade with other members.

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