Prejoiners for this TCG are marked with a lime, while normal members have a lemon

Prejoin is a general term for the early opening of a TCG. Many owners will allow members to register before the website is completely finished, and players who prejoin are typically given extra perks or a larger starter pack upon joining. Prejoiners are also almost always marked on the member list.


It's not known which TCG first implemented this idea or even came up with the name. Regardless, having some form of a prejoin period has become a standard that almost every TCG now follows.

Time PeriodEdit


A member created prejoin deck

How long the prejoin period lasts varies among TCGs. Some owners sometimes set dates for when prejoin will end, others will cut it off after a certain number of members join. Humorously, some TCGs don't leave the prejoin period and run normally for months without ever having a grand opening.

Cards & DecksEdit

Some TCGs go the extra mile to create a prejoin event card or deck. At times even the prejoin decks are created with images donated by the prejoiners.


Some TCGs celebrate their prejoin period by offering custom prejoin badges to each of their prejoiners.

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