Pretty Voice is an Asian Music Video TCG by Sepia.

Initially, the TCG focused only on Japanese music videos, but later expanded to Korean and Chinese music as well. In the 2009 reincarnation of the site, Sepia also added theme sets (artist, photobooks, CD scans), but the 2012 version did not bring back these cards.


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Old Template (2008-09)Edit

The 2008-09 Cards had different templates for both the PV sets and the theme (artist, photobooks, CD scans) sets as shown below.

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Member CardsEdit

Members start off with one member card and can earn up to ten. This is only applicable to the 2012 member cards and not the 2008-09 ones.

Old Member Cards (2008-09)Edit


Leveling is based on card worth.

  • Piccolo: 1-50
  • Flute: 51-100
  • Clarinet: 101-200
  • Trumpet: 201-300
  • Saxophone: 301-400
  • Guitar: 401-500
  • Violin: 501-750
  • Tambourine: 751-1000
  • Drum: 1001-1250
  • Piano: 1251-1500


The currency in Pretty Voice is hiragana cards. In order to get cards, you have to spell out the first name of the artist. You can also use these to make certain hands to get certain rewards in exchange for them.

For example, to get one choice card from an Ayumi Hamasaki set, you would need 3 hiragana cards: A, Yu and Mi.

Stamp CardsEdit

There are two types of stamp cards: the regular trade cards, and game cards. The game card stamps are rewards for a different game each week, where the player can add to their card.

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