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Reflection is a featuring Anime, Manga and Video Games created by Chii. It was originally opened on October 1, 2012, but it went inactive shortly after opening. It was a Livejournal TCG in its initial run.

The site reopened for prejoin on June 29, 2014 with a new co-owner, Becca. The site has been mostly run by Becca since October 2014, and on April 29, 2015, she decided to put Reflection on an indefinite hiatus.


There are two types of decks on Reflection: Normal and Special.

Normal Decks[]

Normal decks are worth 1 and feature characters from various anime, manga and video games.

Special Decks[]

The Special decks are worth 2 and feature website events and holidays.

Event Cards[]

The Event cards are worth 3 and represent a milestone or special event.  They are not tradable.

Member Cards[]

Member cards are worth 0 and may be traded freely between members. 


Site Run[]

Levels are based on card worth.  Custom level badges are made by the owner, as level badges are also a part of the member's member deck.  Each time a member levels, they can add a new card to their member deck.

  • One: 0-99
  • Two: 100-249
  • Three: 250-499
  • Four: 500-749
  • Five: 750-999
  • Six: 1000-1349
  • Seven: 1350-1699
  • Eight: 1700-1999
  • Nine: 2000-2399
  • Ten: 2400-2799
  • Eleven: 2800-3199
  • Twelve: 3200-3599
  • Thirteen: 3600-3999
  • Fourteen: 4000-4499
  • Fifteen: 4500+

Live Journal Run (2012)[]

Reflection uses a unique Milestones system to level up.


  • 100 Cards - 1 Setting
  • 1 Mastership - 1 Character
  • 2 Trade Cards - 1 Item


  • 200 Cards - 1 Setting
  • 2 Mastership - 1 Character
  • 4 Trade Cards - 1 Item


  • 300 Cards - 1 Setting
  • 3 Mastership - 1 Character
  • 6 Trade Cards - 1 Item

Mastering Decks[]

When a player has collected all 15 cards in a deck, they obtain the mastery badge. Mastered cards cannot be traded off.



Film are the main currency of Reflection.  There are two types of film: blue film (worth 1) and pink film (worth 5).  These film are collected through various games on the site, and they can be used to purchase different things at the shop.

Choice Coupons & Love Potion[]

Choice coupons can be redeemed for choice cards at the shop.  Love Potions are used to complete a partnership mastery.  They can be bought at the shop for 40 film each.

Layout Gallery[]