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Rockin' Nippon is a revamped version of Music Station, a Japanese Music TCG created by Ayay. Music Station was previously a Jrock TCG named Media Junky. Ayay also combined her Idol TCG, Only You, into the TCG.

Music Station officially opened January 29, 2011. It closed soon after and reopened in 2013. In June 2014, Ayay decided to revamp Music Station into Rockin' Nippon and with Megumi's help, Rockin' Nippon reopened for prejoin on August 18, 2014 and went on hiatus November 17, 2017.




Rockin Nippon has several types of cards: solo artist cards, group cards, member cards, music video cards and photoshoot cards. Only photoshoot cards are worth 2.

Special Cards[]

Photoshoot cards are the only type of special card, and consist of either album booklet or photobook images.

Old Templates[]

Member Cards[]

Member cards are worth 0 and can be freely traded.

Old Member Cards[]


There are two leveling systems at Rockin' Nippon: levels and ranks. Levels are based on card worth, while ranks are based on number of masteries.

  • First Single: 001-100
  • Second Single: 101-200
  • Third Single: 201-300
  • Fourth Single: 301-500
  • Fifth Single: 501-700
  • Sixth Single: 701-900
  • Seventh Single: 901-1200
  • Eighth Single: 1201-1500
  • Ninth Single: 1501-1800
  • Tenth Single: 1801-2100
  • Singles Collection: 2101+

Old Leveling Badges[]


Ranks are the second type of levels. These are based on number of masteries

  • First Album: 0-5
  • Second Album: 6-10
  • Third Album: 11-15
  • Four Album: 16-20
  • Fifth Album: 21-25
  • Sixth Album: 26-30
  • Seventh Album: 31-35
  • Eighth Album: 36-40
  • Ninth Album: 41-45
  • Tenth Album: 46-50
  • Best Album: 51+

Mastering Decks[]

When a player has collected all the cards in a deck, they have mastered it. Mastered decks cannot be traded out.


The early rounds of this TCG used the same currency as the current Rockin' Nippon, which was notes. When Rockin' Nippon opened, Ayay reused the same currency.

Old Currency[]

CD Shop[]

The CD Shop is where players exchange trade points for CDs. This is similar to stamp cards as you're accumulating a certain amount of points in order to complete a CD.

Layout Gallery[]