FANDOM is a Korean pop TCG focusing on SM Entertainment originally created by Caitlin and Linnie. Nikki has since taken over Linnie's place as co-owner. went on hiatus on March 21, 2015.




Member CardsEdit

Member cards are worth 0 and may be traded freely between members.


Levels are based on card count. Each member gets a customized level badge every time they level

  • Level 1: 001-100
  • Level 2: 101-250
  • Level 3: 251-500
  • Level 4: 501-800
  • Level 5: 801-1100
  • Level 6: 1101-1500
  • Level 7: 1601-2100
  • Level 8: 2101-2700
  • Level 9: 2701-3300
  • Level 10: 3300-4000
  • Level 11: 4001-4800    
  • Level 12: 4801-5600
  • Level 13: 5601-6500
  • Level 14: 6501-7500
  • Level 15: 7501-8500   

Mastering DecksEdit

When a player has collected all cards in a deck, they master it. Mastered cards cannot be traded off.

CurrencyEdit uses balloons as the main currency in the TCG. The balloons can be traded in for power-ups or other things at the eversing shop. There is no graphic to represent balloons.

The TCG also uses lightsticks, which can be traded in for either random or choice cards. Each color represents a different SME group. For example, pink can be traded in for Girls' Generation cards. The rainbow lightstick can be traded in for any artist's cards.

Traders Rewards Edit

Traders Rewards are SME's form of stampcards, where you can trade in 30 card worth of trades, including member cards, for photocards.

Everysing ShopEdit

everysing shop is SME's shop for power-ups and other miscellaneous goodies, such as random and choice cards, and customized level 1 badges.


Fanclubs is a feature at SME where you can join a particular group's fanclub after you have mastered at least 15 of that artist's decks and collected at least 20 photocards from that artist.

Fanclub members get various benefits if they join, and they have to renew their membership every month.

Layout GalleryEdit

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