Senshi Card-Mania! is the first online TCG, created by Calico. Opening in 2002, it featured Sailor Moon decks from all versions of the franchise that existed to date. The original SCM closed in 2005, but reopened in 2007 for a second run as Senshi Card-Mania! R, with the retitle playing off the second season of the Sailor Moon anime. The TCG closed in 2008.


  • Calico - Owner
  • Mousey - Co-Owner, Card Maker, Game Master
  • Misty - Layout Maker
  • Britti - Contest Coordinator, Forum Helper
  • Jesheckah - Quitter's Cards, Member Checker, Contest Coordinator, Fanart Contest
  • Lady Chani - Senshi Shop
  • Megumi - Contest Coordinator (Caption), Member List Manager, Card Page Maintenance
  • Minalover - Contest Coordinator, Shop Keeper
  • Mysty - Contest Coordinator (Icons)
  • Rissa - Art Blunders, Fan Gifts, Crossword Roulette, Contest Coordinator (Coloring)

Former StaffEdit

  • Kearin - Contest Coordinator, Game Master, Shop Keeper, Senshi Shop
  • Miriamele
  • Smam - Contest Coordinator, Senshi Shop


Originally titled Senshi Card-Mania!, this was the first online TCG. It was first opened by Calico in January 2002. The site had a long run until 2005, when Calico finally lost passion for TCGs after watching the community slowly implode over arguments and credit policing.

The site was revamped and re-opened again under the new name Senshi Card-Mania! R at the end of 2006 with a strong staff with Mousey as co-owner, acting as website host and card maker. There was a large member base and a successful opening. The return of SCM brought a lot of old TCG players who had quit back into the community. The second run of the game ended on October 3, 2008, when it went into an indefinite hiatus and Calico left the TCG world permanently.

For the reopening of the game as SCMR, Calico wrote a long history of both SCM and the TCG world that can still be accessed through the Internet Archive.


Senshi Card-Mania! REdit

The deck system at SCM!R was completely original to the TCG. For Regular Cards, it relied on card sets, which were named after colors. A set was made up of 10 decks, and a deck 20 cards. For example, the Pink set featured all forms of Usagi and Sailor Moon in all mediums of the franchise: Artbook Usagi, Artbook Sailor Moon, Manga Usagi, Manga Sailor Moon, Anime Usagi, Anime Sailor Moon, PGSM Usagi, PGSM Sailor Moon, Sera Myu Usagi, Sera Myu Sailor Moon. Decks for villains, supporting characters, and other odds and ends were a variation on this pattern.

A type of deck original to SCM!R was Month Cards, a type of special card. Month Cards featured stock footage of the Sailor Guardians, with 10 cards per deck. They would only be distributed during a given month (i.e., Sailor Mercury only in September).

SCM!R also had Special Cards, which featured special art or characters who didn't fit into the sets system, like artwork from the Infinity Artbook or a PGSM Dark Mercury deck. "Temporary Decks" also fit under this umbrella, like a decks for prejoin, birthdays, and seasons. They could only be obtained at appropriate occasions.

Senshi Card-Mania!Edit

The second template for SCM.

The original template for SCM.

Member CardsEdit


Senshi Card-Mania! REdit

  • Moon: 15 - 50 Cards
  • Mercury: 51 - 100 Cards
  • Mars: 101 - 200 Cards, 2 Sets Mastered
  • Jupiter: 201 - 300 Cards, 3 Sets Mastered
  • Venus: 301 - 400 Cards, 5 Sets Mastered
  • Chibimoon: 401 - 500 Cards, 1 Deck Mastered
  • Pluto: 501 - 600 Cards, (1 deck) 12 Sets Mastered
  • Uranus: 601 - 700 Cards, (1 deck) 15 Sets Mastered
  • Neptune: 701 - 800 Cards, (1 deck) 18 Sets Mastered
  • Saturn: 801 - 900 Cards, (1 deck) 20 Sets Mastered
  • Earth: 901 - 1000 Cards, (1 deck) 25 Sets Mastered
  • Cosmos: 1001+ Cards, 2 Decks Mastered

Senshi Card-Mania!Edit


The main currency at Senshi Card-Mania! R was crystals, available in five colors and only redeemable at the Crystal Tokyo Department Store. The Departo also distributed receipts for players to exchange for cards. SCM!R also used coupons, with one available for each set type and a general one for special cards.


SCM OlympicsEdit

The SCM Olympics was a team competition activity, and the first of its kind in the TCG world. Given a selection of color-based teams (i.e., Pink Team, Blue Team), players would pick three and be placed on a team from their picks. As a group, teams would participate in contests and complete activities, often on the forum. Winning teams earned gold cards, second place earned silver, and third place earned bronze. The Olympics took place every year during the summer months.

Team BadgesEdit

Olympics MedalsEdit

Layout GalleryEdit

The classic SCM layouts have been lost, but were often made by Calico herself, using simple images and HTML. The first layout of SCM!R was made by staff member Misty. The second set was made by staff member Smam. For both versions, SCM!R had multiple skins that players could choose from while browsing.


  • SCM is the first TCG.
  • SCM is also likely the first TCG to introduce the Hidden Link game.
  • SCM is the first TCG to hold a team based activity, the SCM Olympics.
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