Shizen (Japanese 自然, meaning nature in English) is a TCG by Aki. The TCG is dedicated to everything about nature, from Earth to space. It opened for prejoin on August 1st, 2020.

Staff Edit

Current Staff

  • Aki - Owner
  • Jun - Deck Maker

Background Edit

Shizen opened for prejoin on August 1st, 2020. Members were allowed to join and select their faction (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn), and play a few of the games. It is also a semi-automated TCG with an onsite trade post as one of its features alongside an automatic weekly updates.

Cards Edit

All decks on Shizen have 20 cards each and are all worth 1. The main themes are: Animalia, Earth, Gems & Minerals, Micro, Plantae, Sky & Weather, and Space, with an addition of Shizen which is composed of the TCG's seasonal, holidays and other specially-themed decks per year of its lifespan.

The other cards available on Shizen are Member Cards, which every member receives upon joining, which can be traded with other members. The other two are Event and Milestone cards, which can only be earned during certain points of the TCG's life span. They have 0 worth and cannot be traded.

Mastering Edit

Once 20 cards of a deck are collected, members could turn them in for the master badge. For every card deck mastered, members would receive 2 choice cards, 3 random cards, and 5 golds.

Leveling Edit

Levels are based on the amount of cards you have collected through the game. Every time a member leveled up, they would receive up to 3 cards of choice, 4 random cards, 10 golds, and 1 vial. There were 10 levels total, once reaching the last level of 'Ripe', members could re-level every 800 cards to still earn rewards, but would never level past 'Ripe'.

  1. Seed: 0 cards
  2. Root: 300 cards
  3. Sprout: 600 cards
  4. Seedling: 1000 cards
  5. Lichen: 1400 cards
  6. Sapling: 1900 cards
  7. Bud: 2400 cards
  8. Flower: 3000 cards
  9. Fruit: 3600 cards
  10. Ripe: 4300 cards

Teams Edit

As a side activity, Shizen TCG would group its members into four teams which are named as Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. These teams are competitive with team points, where members of the team must complete a certain task or achievement to gain points for their team.

By the end of the month, the team who has the most points will receive a reward of 10 random cards, 20 golds and 5 vials for each of its members. Non-winning teams will also receive 3 random cards and 5 golds as consolation prize.


The main currency of Shizen is gold bars, which can be gained from playing games. They could be spent at Liffy's Shop for card packs. The other currency are vials, which could be earned from level ups and certain games. 2 Vials could be exchanged for 1 choice card.

Layout GalleryEdit

Shizen TCG currently have a total of 4 layouts that can be switched from one theme to another. Its players or even visitors can change the layout according to their taste.
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