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August 2013

Showtime is the first TCG dedicated to the MS Paint Adventures series by Andrew Hussie. The TCG's main focus is on the largest of the site's adventures, Homestuck, but also features decks for Problem Sleuth, and to a much lesser extent, Jailbreak and Bard Quest.

Site InformationEdit



Showtime features Character, Flash, Scene, Puzzle and Special decks.

Member CardsEdit

Member cards are worth 1 and may be traded freely between members.


Levels are based on card worth.

  • Rust: 000
  • Bronze: 100
  • Gold: 200
  • Iron: 300
  • Olive: 400
  • Jade: 500
  • Teal: 600
  • Cobalt: 700
  • Indigo: 800
  • Purple: 950
  • Violet: 1,100
  • Fuchsia: 1,250
  • God Tier: 1,400

God TierEdit

Once a player reaches the highest level, God Tier, they may apply to receive a customized badge.

Mastering DecksEdit

When a player has collected all 20 cards in a deck, they obtain the mastery badge. Mastered cards cannot be traded off.


Showtime!'s currency are boondollars and boonbucks which can be exchanged for various items and cards at the LOHAC Black Market.

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