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October 2002

Silver Senshi Forums is a general discussion forum that was created by Kajouka. It was the first major forum available that would host a subforum for TCGs.

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  • Owner: Kajouka
  • Lifetime: 2002 - 2007


Though the community began as a general discussion forum for Kajouka's domain names, and, the forum became a popular hangout for Sailor Moon fans due to her involvement in the fan community. The first game to be hosted on the forum was the first TCG, Calico's Senshi Card-Mania!  Over time, as online TCGs were taking flight, more owners sought hosting at Silver Senshi Forums, and there were as many as 22 games there in 2003.

However, by late 2005, the TCG subforum (called "Spartian Insane Card Collectors") disappeared from the community entirely. Silver Senshi Forums closed sometime in 2007.


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