Spree is a shopping TCG that was first opened by Sheva on  July 1, 2011. It closed down due to lack of time and interest around the holidays.

The TCG was adopted by Effy and reopened June 6, 2012, but closed at a later, unknown date.

Site InformationEdit

  • Owner: Effy
  • Category: Shopping
  • Lifetime: 2011; 2012 – Unknown
  • Grand Opening: July 1, 2011
  • Re-opening: June 6, 2012


Current StaffEdit

Former StaffEdit


Spree was one of many projects that stewed around in Sheva's mind for a second tcg project. The template was created while trying to come up with ideas to help Saitaina out with her tcg, View Cart. When the template was rejected, Sheva used it to create Spree in 2011. It was the first tcg that Sheva had created since opening La Musica back in 2002, so it was a learning experience opening a new tcg with the current standards for tcgs. Credit to Carla for coming up with the tcg name. Spree had a small but dedicated member's list, but due to a busy schedule Sheva eventually had to say goodbye and close Spree after only 6 months.

Several members were very interested in Spree making a return, including an offer to adopt the tcg from May. The tcg was finally taken over by Effy in 2012.


There are two types of decks on Spree: Normal and Special.

Normal DecksEdit

Normal decks feature anything and everything related to shopping. From general products, brand names, restaurant chains, etsy stores, you name it. Anything that you can pay to own.

Special DecksEdit

The Special decks are worth 2, and are typically member created or relate to website events.

Member CardsEdit

Member cards are worth 0 and may be traded freely between members. For every 15 member cards collected a player may claim a mini mastery.


Levels are based on card worth, with very high card caps for leveling.

  • Level 1: 001-150
  • Level 2: 151-300
  • Level 3: 301-500
  • Level 4: 501-750
  • Level 5: 751-1000
  • Level 6: 1001-1500
  • Level 7: 1501-3000
  • Level 8: 3001-4500
  • Level 9: 4501-5500
  • Level 10: 5501+

Mastering DecksEdit

When a player has collected all 15 cards in a deck, they obtain the mastery badge. Mastered cards cannot be traded off.


Spree uses coupons for members to get choice cards. There is one for normal cards and a second for special cards.


The achievement system was put into place to reward members who completed certain tasks around the website. When a player earned an achievement, they'd get a special achievement stamp that would be put on display on their member profile.

Gold MembersEdit

The idea for a special area with a new set of games was inspired by Sugar & Spice. There was a small list of requirements that players had to fulfill to apply for gold membership.

  • Must be level 5
  • Must master 5 decks
  • Must have a member card and stamp

When a player became a gold member they would receive a special gold credit card on their profile page, and given a secret password to access the Gold Member section.

The first gold member ever was Nova, during Spree's original run.

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