Stamp cards, sometimes referred to as trade cards, is an activity that rewards players for trading. Stamp cards are a staple activity at most TCGs, and each one has their own rules for how they may be redeemed.

Some will allow players to stamp one per trade total, no matter how many cards, while others allow members to check one stamp for each card traded, thus based on card worth.

Stamp CardsEdit

A stamp card contains blank spots for members to place their markers when they make a trade. A completed stamp card may be traded in for a reward.

Trade ChipsEdit

Some TCGs choose to make custom stamps or "trade chips" for members to use. Most member stamps use the same image that a player submits for their member card. Trade chips became popular sometime around 2007 to 2009 and was a staple on many TCGs. The fad has begun to die out in more recent years.

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