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Stardust is an anime screencaps TCG run by Claire.

Site Info[]


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Cards at Stardust are organized into 4 types: Regular, Artwork, Community and Player. The worth and card counts vary based on the deck. Decks can have puzzles but most are 20-25 cards per deck.

Regular cards[]


Artwork decks are puzzles that feature artwork for the series.They are more difficult to obtain than regular decks.


Community decks are also known as special decks. These decks seem to revolve around member milestones as the only current ones are for member birthdays. They are more difficult to obtain than regular decks.

Event and Milestone[]

These cards cover new layouts, member milestones and events.

Member Cards[]

Member cards are worth 0 and may be traded freely amongst members. 


Levels are based on card worth with there being 45 levels total. Members are allowed to have custom badges upon leveling.

Mastering Decks[]

When a player has collected the total amount of cards in a deck, they obtain a mastery badge. Mastered cards cannot be traded off.


Decks that are remastered are given a custom badge for the members who remaster them.


There are two currencies at Stardust: Stars and Stardust.

Layout Gallery[]