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Summoner's Rift is TCG to be dedicated to League of Legends, a MOBA game by Riot Games that was created by Samichan in 2013, although it never officially opened that year. The site was never able to get off the ground with Samichan's schedule, so it was handed over to Jessica.  It opened for prejoin on August 23, 2014.

With Jessica's busy school schedule the TCG was put on the back burner and set to open at a later time in 2015.  She re-opened Summoner's Rift on July 10, 2015.

Site Information[]


Current Staff[]


All decks are worth 1 and feature characters and other related themes like locations and minions.

Member Cards[]

Event Cards[]

These cards are only given out during special events.  They are worth 2.


Levels are based on card worth, as well as other criteria for moving up in divisions as well as tiers.  There are 18 levels total, which are based off of League's ranked system.

  • Bronze V: 001-050
  • Bronze IV: 051-100
  • Bronze III: 101-200
  • Bronze II: 201-300
  • Bronze I: 301-400
  • Silver III: 400-600
  • Silver II: 601-800
  • Silver I: 801-1000
  • Gold III: 1001-1300
  • Gold II: 1301-1600
  • Gold I: 1601-1900
  • Platinum III: 1901-2300
  • Platinum II: 2301-2700
  • Platinum I: 2701-3100
  • Diamond III: 3101-3600
  • Diamond II: 3601-4100
  • Diamond I: 4101-4600
  • Challenger: 4601+


The currency matches League of Legend's actual currency, Influence Points (IP) and Riot Points (RP).  IP is worth 1, and RP is worth 5.

Layout Gallery[]