Superstar is a Korean Entertainment TCG that focuses on music videos and photoshoots created by Sarah. It closed on August 19, 2015.

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  • Bronze I: 001-250
  • Bronze II: 251-500
  • Bronze III: 500-750
  • Silver I: 751-1,150
  • Silver II: 1,151-1,550
  • Silver III: 1,551-1,950
  • Gold I: 1,951-2,450
  • Gold II: 2,451-2,950
  • Gold III: 2,951-3,450
  • Platinum I: 3,950-4,450

Mastering DecksEdit

When a player has collected all the cards in a deck, they have mastered it. Mastered decks cannot be traded out.


The currency used at Superstar is Rhythm Points. There is no graphic provided for them.

Superstar also uses various coupons. The "Donate a Special Deck" coupon is the only special coupon available.


PowerUps can give advantages such as additional deck pulls, additional donations, and access to the additional monthly games.


Photocards are labeled by rarity, from C-rank being the most common, to S-rank being the rarest. When members have four of the same rank, they can exchange them for rewards.

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