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Welcome to the official Online Trading Card Game (TCG) wiki! The number one source to find out pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about the Online Trading Card Game community, past and present! This wiki is first and foremost an archive and is still largely incomplete. If you would like to contribute please read the file naming guidelines below.

A special thank you to everyone that has made a contribution to the TCG Wiki! Even if you are just editing your own page to add your member cards you are still helping this wiki grow and stay up to date. To view the list of contributors just go to the community link at the top menu. If you have submitted ANY content to the TCG Wiki at all you are welcome to tag your profile as a contributor.

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Official Forum[]

The Wiki now has new forums on the Wiki itself! You can access it here!

Buttons & Banners[]

Help support the TCG Wiki by putting one of our buttons on your website! This will help more people find the Wiki to help this project grow! If you would like to donate a button simply upload it to the galleries. If you would like credit put your name on the caption and you will be listed as a contributor. If you want to make larger banners that's okay! Just upload them and an admin will check in to create a new gallery later.



Editing the Wiki[]

The Wiki is completely open to the public and open for everyone to add to and edit. There aren't really hard rules for editing but I do try to keep the page layouts consistent. The easiest way to learn how to edit is to just copy paste code from another page and edit from there.

There is also no limit to what kinds of pages you can add. Anything from TCGs, Player Profiles, or even Resource pages (definition pages that explain common features in tcgs or link to free script and layout websites).

I try to check the Wiki at least weekly so if you make a mistake or label something wrong DON'T WORRY! Everything is an easy fix and another editor can fix it later if it's really an issue.

File Naming[]

PLEASE when editing pages follow these file naming guidelines:

  • TCG normal cards - tcgname1, tcgname2
  • TCG special cards - tcgname_sp
  • TCG member cards - tcgname_mem
  • TCG master badges - tcgname_m
  • TCG level badges - tcgname_b
  • TCG currency - tcgname_c
  • Layouts - tcgname_lay
  • Member Cards - username-tcgname
  • Stamps - username-tcgname_s
  • Badges - username-tcgname_b

The username should be whatever the title of the page is. It helps keep the wikia organized so there aren't a bunch of image files with the same name.

Having Content Removed[]

If you do not want your TCG featured or a Player Profile to display your member cards please contact staff via the forums for a protected page. A protected page is more or less a locked page that no one can edit, this keeps other editors from adding the page again.


Much of the TCG community now chats on discord! Feel free to join if you would like to reconnect with the community!

Change Log[]

Looking for the edit history page? See this link: Special:RecentChanges

Fun TCG Facts[]

  • The First TCG was Senshi Card-Mania!, a Sailor Moon TCG that opened sometime around 2002 by Calico.
  • The TCG Community has been around for over 10 years.
  • Member Cards are a staple in almost every TCG now but it wasn't always the case! They actually didn't come about until probably around 2004.
  • MyTCG is the most common script used for TCG management.
  • EasyTCG FM is the most popularly used script for trade post management.
  • The most common member birthday is August, while the rarest is October!

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